Agreement between PUMPALIA and HYDROO for the manufacture of boosters with variable speed.


Manufacture of booster with variable speed IQ3 VR 32-40 R 7.5kW.

PUMPALIA and the manufacturer of water pumps HYDROO reach a collaboration agreement for the manufacture of pressure groups (boosters) with variable speed for an irrigation installation in Egypt.

Characteristics of triple pressure groups:

  • Vertical pumps VF 32-40 R 7.5kW A304 of the VDROO range of HYDROO.
  • Flow rate: 84m³ / h Height: 59mca
  • HYDROO VSD3 - 075 3x400V frequency drivers.
  • 5" A304 stainless steel suction manifold / 4" A304 stainless steel delivery manifold from PUMPALIA.
  • PUMPALIA painted fireproof stainless steel bench.
  • Assembly at the PUMPALIA facilities.

With the joint work of the teams of the engineering department of HYDROO and the technical department of project development of PUMPALIA, we have achieved a positive response to the needs of the market and the satisfaction of the final customer in terms of hydraulic pumps.

This relationship PUMPALIA - HYDROO reinforces our skills for the contribution of solutions to the new needs that present a world where natural resources and above all water are increasingly important. We are driven by our passion for evolution and technology adapted to the world of pumping, offering the latest developments and improvements to any demand from our customers.

In PUMPALIA, our priority is the needs of our customers and our responsibility is to offer all our commitment to get a better service when it comes to addressing all the concerns and that arise from the systems or facilities where the use of pumps is required.