ECOCIRC S / S+ / M / M+ / L / L+ (LOWARA)

High efficiency variable speed circulating pumps for water recirculation to heating and air conditioning systems. ECM motor with permanent magnets. EEI level of efficiency ≤0.18.

Water circulation in individual heating, cooling and DHW systems. Water circulation in pipes and variable water demand systems, such as systems with thermostatic valves. Water circulation in heating and cooling installations with constant flow. Water circulation on radiant floors in individual homes. Water circulation in facilities with closed systems.
Control mode
Proportional pressure / Constant pressure / Constant speed
Maximum flow: 4.5m³/h
Maximum height: 8mca
Maximum power: 60Watts
Liquid temperature: -10ºC to + 110ºC
Ambient temperature: -10ºC to + 40ºC
Maximum pressure: 10 bar
Voltage: 1x200-240V 50/60Hz
Insulation: Class F (155ºC)
Protection: IP44
Sound level: ≤ 43dB (A)