Horizontal monoblock centrifugal pump. Construction according to norms EN 733 and DIN 24255. Hydraulics of high efficiency (MEI ≥ 0.4). Compatible in civil, industrial and agricultural applications.

Flow: Up to 292m³/h (2900rpm) and 202m³/h (1450rpm)
Manometric height: up to 99
Maximum working pressure: Up to 16 bar
Liquid temperature: -25ºC to + 120ºC (std) / -25ºC to + 140ºC (optional)
Materials: Body pump and mechanical GJL250 cast iron fencing. A316L stainless steel booster (versions: 32/40/50), the rest versions GJL200 cast.
Power: From 11kW to 75kW (2900rpm) / From 1.5kW to 37kW (1450rpm)
Engine: IE3 1x230V - 3x230/400V - 3x400/690V
Isolation: Class F
Protection: IP55
NSCE: Pump with long shaft
NSCS: Pump with shaft of the hydraulic part independent of the shaft of the motor, united with rigid coupling
NSCF: Spindle pump with standard motor on bench and elastic coupling. Coupling option with spacer in the NSCC version.
Dimensions according to norm EN 733. Index of efficiency according to the requirements of the ErP 2015 regulations. Hydraulic choppers according to ISO 9906: 2012 (Grade 3B).

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