AC 4 (DBM)

Multicellular submersible pump for clean water. Suitable for domestic supply, agricultural, sprinkler, drip irrigation and pressure equipment.

Submersible pump suitable for pumping clean water from wells or tanks.
Construction Features:

  • Outer casing, motor casing, impellers, diffusers, mechanical seal support, filter body and delivery body in stainless steel AISI304.
  • Pump shaft in stainless steel AISI304.
  • Intermediate chamber with non-toxic oil.
  • Double mechanical seal in Silicon carbide / Silicon carbide / NBR.
  • Maximum immersion: 20mts
  • Maximum temperature of the liquid: 35ºC
  • 15mts cable type H07RN-F.
  • Single phase versions with schuko plug, control box for capacitor and thermal protector.


  • Asynchronous, 2 poles, IP68
  • Insulation class F, continuous service
  • Water cooled engine.
  • Voltage: 1x230V (+/- 10%) / 3x400v (+/- 10%)