CO 500 A316 (LOWARA)

Horizontal centrifugal pump with a single open impeller. All components in contact with water are made of stainless steel AISI316. Designed for pumping cooling systems, washing equipment, food industry, water treatment.

Pumping of coolants for machinery.
Washing equipment and systems for the food industry.
Plants for the circulation and transfer of moderately viscous liquids, with low chemical aggressiveness.
Industrial dishwasher.
Industrial washing.
Water treatment.
Flow: up to 54m³/h
Height gauge: Up to 24 meters
Liquid temperature: from -10ºC to + 120ºC
Maximum operating pressure: 8 bars
Power: From 0.37kW to 3kW
Body pump: stainless steel AISI316L
Open impeller passage of solids: CO350: 11mm / CO500: 20mm
Support Mechanical seal: Stainless steel AISI316L
Mechanical seal: Ceramic / Carbon / FPM (Version K: Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide / FPM)
Drain plugs: stainless steel AISI316L
IE3 motor for three phase versions ≥ 0.75kW
IP55 protection
Insulation class F
2 pole 50Hz 1x230V or 3x230/400V
Thermal protection built into single phase versions