Selfpriming monoblock horizontal centrifugal pump with open impeller. Check valve in suction inlet. Suitable to drain clean or slightly dirty water and in flood irrigation systems.

Flow rate: Up to 108m³/ h (2850rpm)
Manometric height: Up to 28mts
Maximum working pressure: Up to 10 bar
Liquid temperature: Up to + 60ºC
Materials: Impeller, body pump and GG20 gray foundry motor support - Shaft: Stainless steel A304
Power: From 1.1kW to 15kW (2900rpm)
Engine: IE3 1x230V up to 2.2kW - 3x230/400V up to 4 kW - 3x400/690V from 5.5kW
Isolation: Class F
Protection: IP55
HG series can be installed in systems with variable frequency drives (energy savings of 43% per year).

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