3SV...F A304 (LOWARA)

Vertical multistage electric pumps. High-performance pump. Suitable for industrial aplications, boiler feed, irrigation systems, pressure groups, reverse osmosis, filtration systems, pressurization buildings, water treatment, circulation.

Flow: up to 160m³ / h
Pressure: Up to 330mca
Power: From 0.37kW to 55kW
Liquid temperature: -30°C to + 120°C
Pmax operation: 16, 25 and 40 bar (depending on models and configurations)
Pump body, impellers, diffusers and stainless steel shaft A304 or A316 (depending on model)
O'Rings EPDM (other materials possible)
Mechanical seal Silicon Carbide / Carbon / EPDM (other material combinations possible)


  • F version: Stainless steel A304, A304 threaded flange DIN
  • T version: Stainless steel A304, A304 oval flange
  • R version: Stainless steel A304, A304 overlapping threaded flange DIN
  • N version: Stainless A316, threaded flange DIN A316
  • V version: Stainless steel A316, Victaulic® flange A316
  • G version: Stainless steel A304, threaded flange DIN GG35

IE3 motor for three-phase 0.75kW to 55kW
Protection IP55 - Insulation class F
Tension: 1x230V - 3x230/400V - 3x400/690V
Single-phase versions with built-in thermal protector

Vibration control device E-Alert: Continuous measurement of vibrations to ensure optimum performance.
Supports for horizontal installation
e-SV™ Series can be installed on systems with variable speed (energy savings of 43% per year)