Submersible water pumps

What is a submersible water pump?

Submersible water pumps are a type of hydraulic pumps that are used in cases where the pump must be submerged in a liquid in order to pump it and get it extracted.

Some of the most common applications are those in the construction sector: Drainage of flooded spaces, transporting water, extracting sewage or pumping sewage.

Which types of submersible pumps exist?

We can classify submersible water pumps according to the type of liquid to be pumped in:

  • Submersible pumps for clean waters: They are the most suitable for the irrigation by dripping or spraying and the domestic and agricultural supply.
  • Submersible pumps for waste waters: They are the type of ideal pumps to drain septic tanks, pools, infiltration waters or any water that needs to be treated.

How does a submersible water pump work?

As its name suggests, submersible water pumps work only when we immerse ourselves in the liquid that must be pumped. For this reason, motor is sealed together inside the pump and coated to prevent the corrosion of the internal elements.

Kinetic energy that is produced inside the pump allows the water to be brought from it to the surface through a hose pipe.