High performance pumps for hot water circulation, manufactured according to the ErP 2015 regulations.

Series ECOCIRC XL - XLplus are wet rotor circulators highly efficient with threaded connection or flange. It ensures high efficiency in all applications, obtaining significant results in energy saving conditions.


Hot or cold water circulation in collective heating installations, cooling and air conditioning installations, heat recovery systems, solar and geothermal installations.


Ecocirc XL:Autonomous version
Ecocirc XLplus: Complete version with connection protocols for BMS and Wi-Fi systems


Flow rate: Up to 70 m³/hr
Manometric height: Up to 18 mts
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
Liquid temperature: -10ºC to + 110ºC
Operation selection device on the motor part
5 Operating systems: Proportional pressure / Constant pressure / Constant temperature and differential (XLplus) / Constant speed / Night mode (additional energy savings).
Optimized connections (Display and storage of alarm and error indicated on the screen) / Remote programming from PC, tablet or smartphone (XLplus) / Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet cable (XLplus).
Distance between standard ports


High performance encapsulated engine with permanent magnetization and electronic switching
Protection: IP44
Insulation class F (155ºC)
Tension: 1x230V
Power: Ecocirc XL - XLplus: From 5 Watts to 1560 Watts

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