Wet rotor circulators for hot water or sanitary systems.

The ECOCIRC series are circulation pumps with spherical spherical motor design. It only requires a single bearing, which is self-adjusting to the precise alignment. It ensures high efficiency in all applications, obtaining significant results in energy saving conditions. ECOCIRC complies with European regulations EC 641/2009 and ErP 2015.


Circulation of the system of distribution of hot water to housing.


Flow rate: Up to 1.0 m³/h
Manometric height: Up to 3 meters
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
Liquid temperature: + 2ºC to + 65ºC
Cover of the bronze pump
Operation selection device on the motor part
2 Operating systems: Fixed speed / Variable speed (7 speeds)
Fuel optimization system (Positions ECO 2 / ECO 3)
Combined timer (Version U) with operation limited at certain hours of the day
Combined thermostat (Version R) with temperature sensor that limits the operation of the pump according to the temperature of the water.
Temperature control: From + 20ºC to + 70ºC
Standard distance between ports


High performance encapsulated engine with permanent magnetization and electronic switching
Protection: IP44 / IP42 (Model with timer "U")
Insulation class F (155ºC)
Tension: 1x230V
Power: 2.2 Watts at 26.6 Watts

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