Self-priming horizontal centrifugal pump. Designed for home water supply, irrigation, drainage of pools and pressure groups. Hydraulics built with stainless steel.

Self priming centrifugal pump. Able to aspire with the presence of gases in the water or even when the aspiration column is not fully full. Available with handle, on/off switch and 2 meters of cable H07RN-F (GARDEN version).

Flow rate: Up to 4.2m³/hr
Manometric height: Up to 53 meters
Power: 0.37kW up to 1.1kW
Maximum suction height: Up to 8 meters
Maximum liquid temperature: Up to 40ºC
Maximum operating pressure: Up to 8 bar
Impeller and body pump: A304 stainless steel
Diffuser and injector material: Technopolymer
Shaft: Stainless steel A316
Mechanical seal: Ceramic / Carbon / EPDM
O-rings: EPDM
Protection: IP55
Three-phase motor with IE3 efficiency for powers from 0.75Kw to 1.1Kw (included). Protection IP55
Class B isolation up to 0.75kW / Class F of 0.9kW up to 1.1kW
Standard voltage: Single phase: 1x220-240V 50Hz, with built-in thermal protection / Three phase: 3x220-240V / 380-415V 50Hz

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