Water pressure pump

What is a water pressure pump?

Pressure groups or water pressure pumps are water pumps controlled by a control or pressure control automation, which allows the pump to offer pressure water automatically and according to the demand.

This system contributes to a reliable supply of water in an uninterrupted and constant manner. Pressure groups are used to supply any corner of the house or garden to water, as well as to bring water to all appliances in houses with low water pressure.

What types of water pressure pumps do exist?

The standard pressure groups ensure a flow of continuous water thanks to a hydro-pneumatic tank. However, this type of pressure pumps have two drawbacks: The pressures is less stable and does not allow adjusting the flow to the system’s demand.

For its part, pressure groups with Pumpalia frequency drives perform pressure control through a sensor pressure located in the pump and connected to a variable frequency inverter. In this way, the pressure water pump supply he exact amount of water that the system demands and consumes only the necessary energy. It is, therefore, the best way to minimize energy losses and adapt the work to the required flow rate.

How to choose the most suitable pressure pump?

If you observe that the water flow of your installation does not respond to your water pressure requirements, we recommend that before choosing a pressure water pump to advise you by professionals.

At Pumpalia we have more than 25 years of experience in the world of water pump and we put our equipment at your disposal to help you choose the most suitable water pressure pump.