Multicellular vertical surface pump. Designed to cover a wide range of applications for home use, civil, residential, irrigation, pressure systems and points of water demand.

The VM series is suitable for pumping trasvassament, pressurization in domestic sectors, civil, industrial and agricultural. Irrigation systems for agriculture and sporting facilities. Pressurization and water supply systems. Facilities for washing vehicles.

Flow rates up to 14m³/h.
Pressures up to 10 bar.
Threaded outlet and inlet. Monobloc fitted with Lowara engine.
Sealing by mechanical seal and O-ring on the pump body.
Single phase and three phase versions.

  • Single phase versions : -15ºC to +45ºC
  • Three phase versions : -15°C to +50°C ( model 3VM 02P: -15°C to 40°C and all models of 0.95KW)

Fluid temperature:

  • Single phase versions : up to +60ºC
  • Three phase versions : up to +90ºC

Construction encapsulated. Forced air cooling.
2 poles.
Single phase versions: High to 2.2KW (overload protection with automatic reset).
Three phase versions: efficiency class IE3 (Reg. EC 640/2009 and IEC 60034-30).
IP 55
Insulation class F

e-VM Series can be installed on systems with variable speed (energy savings of 43% per annum).