Variable frequency driver

What is a variable frequency driver?

A variable frequency drive or a variable speed inverter is an electronic device that controls the speed of the water pump electric motor based on the demand of water that it needs in the installation.

The joint work that develops the frequency drive and the water pump, we call it "booster" or pressure group. They are perfect for water supply to the user in installations where constant pressure is required.

How does a variable frequency driver work?

The variable frequency drive or variable speed inverter is controlled through the pressure sensor that is installed in the pipe of drive of the pump of water.

The sensor transmits the pressure of the pipe to the frequency controller and allows to adjust the speed of the operation of the pump motor in order to achieve the desired pressure in the installation.

What benefits does the assembly of a variable frequency drive offer?

  • The assembly of a variable frequency drive or variable speed inverter offers constant pressure of water according to the demand that there is, therefore, offers a quality of supply much more optimal than in traditional systems.
  • The assembly of a variable frequency drive or variable speed inverter offers a much higher mechanical saving than other traditional systems, such as operating through a pressure switch or an electronic device such as the "Press Control". The soft startups and shutdowns ordered by the frequency drive make the pump not subject to premature wear.
  • The assembly of a variable frequency drive or variable speed inverter offers an energy saving that oscillates between 35% and 40%, depending on the type of installation. This means significant savings in the cost of the invoice.

      Which applications are suitable for a mounting a variable frequency drive?

      The assembly of variable frequency drives or variable speed inverters are ideal for installations where water management is required, such as housing pressurization, irrigation systems for agriculture or gardens, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, hydroponic crops, water fountains, water utilization, industrial facilities such as car wash or cleaning systems for industrial machinery for food, osmosis or desalination.

      What are the advantages of assembling a variable frequency drive?

      • We can offer pressure groups of compact and silent variable speed pressure.
      • Robust design and manufacture.
      • Installation and start-up quick and easy.
      • Additional accessories are not needed.
      • Integrated protection against running without water.
      • Alternating operation in double or triple boosters or pressure groups.