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Membrane: 50 GPD
Minimum temperature: 5°C
Maximum temperature: 35°C
Minimum pressure: 3 bar
Maximum pressure: 6 bar
Salinity maximum: 1000 ppm
Production (at 25 ° C and 4 bar membrane)*: 189 l/day
Recovery ratio: 1:4
Reduction of dissolved solids: 95%


Compact water treatment by reverse osmosis, designed for home use. Eliminates 95% of total dissolved solids, more than 99% of organic compounds and reduces 99% chlorine present in the water network. This improves the smell, the taste and quality of water for use in the mouth. The device produces enough water for the daily needs of a family.

Installation and start up easy. Includes all necessary accessories for installation in any home. Its small size makes it ideal for installation in small spaces as under the sink or in a corner of the kitchen. Modern design allows it to integrate the domestic environment.
  • All connections are made with fast connections.
  • Inline filters for sediment and activated carbon.
  • Osmosis membranes of 50GPD.
  • Including 12-liter tank.
  • No pump.
  • Faucet with ceramic valve included.
  • Include pipes and fittings for the installation.

 The device is designed for easy use and automatic. Produce osmotised water when in the tank there is low level of water in accumulation and when it's full production is interrupted.

When the pressure of the water supply is less than 3 bar, it is recommended to install a pump equipment (W 8005 P).

The water supply must be potable.

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