5 Stage equipment (GWS)

Equipment for reverse osmosis 5 stages.
Designed for easy use and automatic operation. Easy to install.

Through five stages, eliminates 95% of total dissolved solids, more than 99% of organic compounds and reduces 99% of the chlorine in tap water.
Improving the smell, the taste and quality of water bebem. 8005 W model produces daily needs of a family. The osmosis equipment can be placed under the mop sink in the kitchen.


  • Stage 1 (sediment filter): Remove dust, rust and suspended solids.
  • Stage 2 (granular activated carbon Filter): Reduces chlorine content and compounds that produce bad taste and odors.
  • Stage 3 (activated carbon block filter): Continue the action of the previous filter to improve treatment.
  • Stage 4 (reverse osmosis membrane) Remove impurities and reduces the total salt content up to 95%.
  • Stage 5 (Post-activated carbon filter): Improves the taste of water.


    Griffin output osmosis water, 12 liters tank, filters, pipes, valves, racords and fittings.