CDLF 2-15 A304

Pn: 1.5 KW
Tension: 3x230/400V
Maximum flowrate: 3.5 m³/h
Maximum pressure: 13.4 bars
Ø Suction: DN25
Ø Delivery: DN25


Stainless steel vertical surface pump. The hydraulic part is driven by an electric motor using a standard coupling that connects the motor shaft to the pump shaft. The drive and suction nozzles are located "in-line". Replacing the mechanical seal without disassembling the electric motor.

Body pump, impellers, diffusers and shaft of stainless steel A304.
EPDM o'rings
Mechanical seal of Tungsten Carbide / Tungsten Carbide / EPDM
Liquid temperature: -15ºC + 70ºC

Three-phase IE3 motor for powers from 0.75kW to 1.5kW (included)
Three-phase IE2 engine for higher powers of 2.2kW
Standard voltage: Triphasic: 3x230 / 400V or 3x400 / 690V 50Hz. (Optional single phase: 1x220-240V 50Hz)
Protection IP55
Isolation class F

WRAS / ACS / ISO 9906 anx. A

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