Additional information

VN 3/7 F

P₂: 0.9 KW
Tension: 1x230V 50Hz
Maximum flowrate: 4.5 m³/h
Maximum pressure: 7.7 bars


Outer casing: AISI 304
Suction Filter: AISI 304
Encased engine: AISI 304
Cover top / bottom: AISI 304
Shaft: AISI 304
Distributors / promoters: AISI 304
Screws / Flanges: AISI 304
Superior mechanical seal: Ceramic / Carbon
Lower mechanical seal: Ceramic / Carbon
Ø Drive: 1¼"
Maximum working depth: 20 meters
Maximum amount of sand: 50 gr/m³
Fluid temperature: -5°C to 40°C
20 m cable H07 RN-F
Level switch

capacitor 30mF
Remote control box for single-phase models

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