Domestic reverse osmosis


Improve water quality in your home.

Osmosis domestic Aqua6team - Tired load bottles of water? Accumulate to recycle plastic? Not any more! Install a reverse osmosis domestic equipment in your home. Elimination of 95% of total dissolved solids, most organic compounds 99% to 99% and reduces chlorine that is present in the water network. Removing residual salts teams decalcification 100%. Purify and improve the smell, the taste and quality of water for use by mouth.

Using a filtration system allows for effective treatment of 95% on average, depends on the contaminants found in the water to purify. Compact filters, allowing quick and easy replacement of each filter element. It consists of several sediment filters, granular coal, coal block and reverse osmosis membranes. Is advisable replace filters regularly can do the same user or a technician of our company.

Domestic osmosis system offers some advantages over bottled water:

  • High quality drinking water.
  • High quality water for cooking.
  • Instant Access to tap without having to buy bottled water.
  • Prevent the accumulation of plastic or glass house (no need to recycle).
  • Economic savings.

Fully automatic and very comfortable. The installation of reverse osmosis equipment is usually done under the kitchen sink. Obtaining purified water is obtained through a tap that can be placed further in the same kitchen sink faucet or replacing a traditional three-way (cold, hot and osmosis), which incorporates a monomando for purified water (ask information to our technical department).

Reverse osmosis equipment incorporating an accumulator - pressurized tank that stores water produced for immediate availability. When the tank is full, the device stops producing water until the next extraction, avoiding wastage of water.

For proper operation requires input pressure between 1.5 - 3.0 BAR. In cases that do not reach this minimum pressure is reached, we have equipment with pressure pump to increase the flow and pressure of the incoming water filters. You must determine what type of device suits water quality, salinity, chlorine, hardness, pressure, etc ... To calculate the best kind of osmosis, our technician can advise you in minutes and without commitment.

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