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NEAT 450 6TP NOX 33 8M

Ø filter: 450mm
Flow: 8m³/h
Pool volum: 64m³
Silex load: 75Kg
Valve connection: 1½"


Groups compact filtration pools.

Filters with valve 6 ways TOP position.
Filters modified polypropylene resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents.
Wide versatility and maximum quality. Ø 300 to 450mm filters for swimming pools with a water volume up to 64m³.
Compatibility with salt water (up to 7 g/liter).
Compatibility with chlorinated water, demineralized water and treated with ozone.
Highest quality.

Pump NOX 50 12M

P₂: 0.5Hp
In: 2.8 Amp
Ø Suction: 50mm

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