Surface pumps with peripheral impeller. Ability to push water higher altitudes with low powers. Designed for boiler feed, cooling systems, sprinkler irrigation, pressure groups.

Pumping of coolants for machinery.
Equipment washing systems for the textile industry.
Boilers supply (PSA models) and industrial cooling systems.
Supply of clean water for domestic use.
Garden sprinkler.
Flow: up to 3.7m³/h
Height gauge: Up to 102 meters
Liquid temperature: from -10ºC to + 40ºC (series P) / -10ºC to + 80ºC (PSA series)
Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar (series P) / 10 bar (PSA series)
Power: From 0.30kW to 1.1kW
2-pole motor with external ventilation and aluminum case
IE3 motor to power ≥ 0.75kW
Voltage 1x230V / 3x230/400V
Protection IP44 (models P(M) 16 and P(M) 21 / IP55 the other models
Insulation class F
Capacitor and thermal protection built into the single-phase models
Pump body: Cast iron (series P - PSA)
Impeller: Brass
Mechanical seal: Ceramic / Carbon / NBR
Purge caps: Brass
Gaskets: NBR