Multistage horizontal pumps designed for pressurization of houses, irrigation systems and industrial applications. Very quiet.

Diffusers, impellers, spacers, tap purge and support pump manufactured with stainless steel AISI 304
Cast iron bodies
Stainless steel shaft AISI 431
Mechanical silicon carbide fence / Graphite
NBR O'rings
Flow rate: up to 28m³/hr
Power: Up to 4.5kW (6HP)
Liquid temperature: STD version: from -15°C to +70°C/HT version (High temperature): -15°C to +110°C
IE2 / IE3 engine for three-phase models from 0.75kW to 4.4kW
Protection IP54 - Class F isolation
Tensions: 1x230V - 3x230 / 400V
Single-phase versions with built-in thermal protection
Air conditioning systems
Cooling systems
Domestic / industrial cleaning
Water treatment
Agriculture (fertilization, irrigation, transfers)
The CHLF (T) series can be installed in systems with variable speed (energy savings of 43% per year).

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