High efficiency heating circulators for home use.

The ECOCIRC series are circulation pumps with spherical motor design. It only requires a single bearing, which is self-adjusting to the precise alignment. It ensures high efficiency in all applications, obtaining significant results in energy saving conditions. ECOCIRC complies with EC Regulation 641/2009 and ErP 2015.


Water circulation for individual heating systems, pipes, variable demand systems (ex: thermostatic valves), constant flow heating / cooling systems, radiant floor heating systems, closed cooling systems.


Flow: Up to 3.2m³/hr
Manometric height: Up to 5.7mts
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
Liquid temperature: -10ºC to + 110ºC (maximum 20% of glycol)
Operation selection device on the motor part
3 Operating systems: Manual control at constant speed (LED: White) / Automatic differential pressure (LED: Blue) / Automatic constant pressure (LED: Green)
Multiple display screen

Standard distance between ports


High performance encapsulated engine with permanent magnetization and electronic switching
Protection: IP44
Insulation: class F (155ºC)
Tension: 1x230V
Power: Ecocirc Premium xx-4: from 4 to 23 Watts / Ecocirc Premium xx-6: from 4 to 42 Watts

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