Pressure switch SWITCHMATIC 2

Voltage: 1x115-230Vac - Freq: 50/60Hz
Imax: 30(16) Amp - Pmax: 2.2kW (3HP)
Pres.on/off: 0.5-7Bar / 1-8Bar
Pres. diff: 7.5Bar
Pres. diff. Minimum 0.5-1.5Bar
Protection: IP55
Tªmax: 50°C - Tª atmosphere max: 60°C
Connection: G 1/4" Female


Digital electronic pressure switch (bar / psi).
Manage startup and shutdown of single phase pumps up to 2.2kW (3HP).
Control panel easily accessible.
Can work as a switch differential pressure, pressure reverse or minimum and maximum.
Reading current consumed instantly.
Protection against over-intensity without running water and rapid cycles of operation due to lack of air pressure in the hydropneumatic tank.

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